Paddle the Don: Memories from 2009

It’s not until you want to find something that you realize just how disorganized your photo backups are. Prior to 2010, I had some very interesting file naming conventions and folder structures… thankfully, after a brief search (45 minutes?!) I found what I was looking for: through my (former) employer, there was a fundraising event hosted by Manulife Financial that I could attend, called Paddle the Don. Boats, gear, and the attendee fee were all supplied, and once I convinced my brother to be my canoe partner, I immediately signed up!

The Don River runs through the City of Toronto and is highly polluted. It has several portages, sections of rapids, and various widths – timing is crucial so as not to run into other boats! Normally, the water is usually too low to properly paddle. On the day of this fundraising event, the water levels are brought up in order to run the event safely.

So here we are, 8 years later, with the photos I had almost forgotten about. I was recently researching Paddle the Don again and it’s still a strong fundraising initiative I thought about signing up for again. (Edit: Public Registration is now a waiting list unfortunately. I will have to check earlier next year!)

Photos taken on my amazing Samsung A746 flip phone. (It was a brushed grey metal, and I *loved* that phone – it was a simpler time! Haha.)

Sunday, May 3, 2009 in Toronto!

Paddle the Don: 2009!