Notes: Summer 2017 Goals

We’re quickly approaching the end of April already, so I’ve been thinking of activities I’d like to get to this summer!

-Kayak in each of the Great Lakes
-Kayak around the Toronto Islands (eventually I will get to do this!)
-A backcountry canoe trip through Algonquin Park
-Explore more of the Hamilton Conservation Areas – we recently moved to the area and are eager to check out the neighbourhood!
-Get our bikes out on the trails
-Camp at more parks (currently undecided)
-Road trip to Virginia?! – the fiance was sent here for work and wished he could have spent more time exploring
-And of course…more camping, kayaking, and hiking adventures in Hastings Township (new-ish family owned property that needs to be explored!)

I also hope to get more of these adventures shared here on the blog 🙂


Clingman’s Dome, Smoky Mountains

I captured this image on the Clingmans Dome Trail in the Great Smoky Mountains on the border of North Carolina and Tennessee in September 2014.

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” Susan Sontag

I stepped foot on the Appalachian Trail! Hiking this trail is on my bucket list of hikes. Maybe not all of it, but a good section would be great to accomplish.