Hike #10 Blair Trail

Hike #10
Blair Trail, Cambridge

Super short trail today – shorter than I expected! It was sunny with a chilly wind blowing around.

There was a tiny red bridge over a creek that was feeding into the Grand River. A little pop of colour in amongst all the brown leaves 🙂


Hike #9 Bechtel Park

Hike #9

Bechtel Park, Waterloo

I had to bundle up for this hike. It started out a bit rainy, and then the sun came out for a short while. I broke in my new Keen Koven Polar boots on this trail! They are so comfortable, and waterproof, and lined for winter 🙂 I’m just a little bit excited for the snow hikes now!

This trail was a little shortened due to construction in the area, but I’m looking forward to going back. There were more paths to take that went a bit farther!

I passed a sign near the end of this trail that stated I was sharing the woods with coyotes and foxes. While I’m not entirely scared of these creatures, I’m still glad I saw the sign near the end. Bears are what really instill fear in me when it comes to hiking alone! :/