Hike #6 Rattlesnake Point

Hike #6/52
Rattlesnake Point

It’s about 16 degrees. The air is cool and there’s a bit of a breeze, causing the trees to rustle.

I got a flat tire on my way out here… There was a board in the middle of the road; I think that’s what caused it. I’ll deal with that after my hike.

Chipmunks are everywhere. Acorns are falling fast from the trees. And these trees are huge… So tall. I can only dream of what the Redwoods in California are like… Someday I’ll hike there too.

Not too many people out here today, a Thursday. Most people have 9-5 jobs theses days. I like having mid week weekends, sometimes.
I passed a couple of older couples. Families with dogs. A couple of young couples. And one female runner. I’m the only other single out here that I’ve seen and that’s cool.

I sat on the ledge and took in the view.
It’s so beautiful here.


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