Hike #5 Mitchell Park & Ellis Creek Wetlands

Hike #5
Mitchell Park/Ellis Creek Wetlands, 2.5km
Guelph, Ontario

Short, sweet, and meaningful. A warm, sunny Wednesday afternoon on the edge of Guelph, Ontario. One section of trail ran through a small forest in a new residential area, and then I crossed the road and continued down the path, following the sign for the Ellis Creek Wetland. It went into a fork right away and I chose left. I hadn’t seen any published maps for this trail, so I just went with it.
Well, I didn’t get far. At the southwest end of the trail (map #2) there was a large sign indicating the trail was closed in order to preserve the wetlands. Apparently it was not an approved section of trail, anyways. Fair enough. I tracked back (and had forgotten to turn on my GPS tracker, so that’s a hand-drawn portion of track on map #2.) I went down the right side of the fork and wound through a bit more trail before reaching the end into another residential area.

It was a nice, easy trail. I stopped to take a few pictures of a baby garter snake, just sitting there in the sunshine.

A crossed paths with a few people out there, everyone saying hello, or smiling. There was only one person who didn’t smile, or say hello. I found it funny that it was the same person I saw deliberately walk into the wetland, past one of the “Trail Closed” signs.


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