Hike #7 Georgetown Trail

Hike #7/52
Silver Creek, Georgetown, Ontario
5.3 km loop

Happy Thanksgiving!
Beautiful, beautiful fall afternoon for a hike, and the boyfriend finally joined me ๐Ÿ™‚
The leaves are changing graduallyโ€ฆ Bright reds on the tops of the trees, bright greens in the shade of the forest. There were so many others out on this trail today too, it was so nice to see.
With all these warm temperatures lately, itโ€™s hard to believe the freezing cold and snow will be here in as little as a couple weeks!


Hike #6 Rattlesnake Point

Hike #6/52
Rattlesnake Point

It’s about 16 degrees. The air is cool and there’s a bit of a breeze, causing the trees to rustle.

I got a flat tire on my way out here… There was a board in the middle of the road; I think that’s what caused it. I’ll deal with that after my hike.

Chipmunks are everywhere. Acorns are falling fast from the trees. And these trees are huge… So tall. I can only dream of what the Redwoods in California are like… Someday I’ll hike there too.

Not too many people out here today, a Thursday. Most people have 9-5 jobs theses days. I like having mid week weekends, sometimes.
I passed a couple of older couples. Families with dogs. A couple of young couples. And one female runner. I’m the only other single out here that I’ve seen and that’s cool.

I sat on the ledge and took in the view.
It’s so beautiful here.

Hike #5 Mitchell Park & Ellis Creek Wetlands

Hike #5
Mitchell Park/Ellis Creek Wetlands, 2.5km
Guelph, Ontario

Short, sweet, and meaningful. A warm, sunny Wednesday afternoon on the edge of Guelph, Ontario. One section of trail ran through a small forest in a new residential area, and then I crossed the road and continued down the path, following the sign for the Ellis Creek Wetland. It went into a fork right away and I chose left. I hadn’t seen any published maps for this trail, so I just went with it.
Well, I didn’t get far. At the southwest end of the trail (map #2) there was a large sign indicating the trail was closed in order to preserve the wetlands. Apparently it was not an approved section of trail, anyways. Fair enough. I tracked back (and had forgotten to turn on my GPS tracker, so that’s a hand-drawn portion of track on map #2.) I went down the right side of the fork and wound through a bit more trail before reaching the end into another residential area.

It was a nice, easy trail. I stopped to take a few pictures of a baby garter snake, just sitting there in the sunshine.

A crossed paths with a few people out there, everyone saying hello, or smiling. There was only one person who didn’t smile, or say hello. I found it funny that it was the same person I saw deliberately walk into the wetland, past one of the “Trail Closed” signs.