Hike #4 Breslau Side Trail

Today was a quick hike (4/52). A friend discovered a new side trail to the Hopewell Trail I did yesterday, so I thought it would be perfect for today. A 300 metre side trail through the trees, still very new and not much to it but a few branches and flashes to mark the path.
Squirrels, chipmunks, and red squirrels were not happy and made sure to chirp at me the whole time 🙂


Hike #3 Hopewell Trail

Hike #3! The Hopewell Trail in Breslau, Ontario, 1.6km
My GPS seemed to fail for a good chunk of this trail for some reason, but the missing point-to-point was dead straight.
I took my mom with me for this evening hike, and she’ll likely be on a few more with me for the challenge 🙂
It was a cool, damp walk between the trees and the neighbourhood. The air was still fresh but crisp. Autumn is definitely here!

Hike #2 Cardiff, Ontario

I completed hike #2 in Cardiff, Ontario. It was a guided hike hosted by Hike Haliburton for their 13th annual hike festival (Sept 17-20, 2015).
Steve Kauffeldt was our guide for Site 41: “Uranium Boom, Bust, and Rebirth” where we got to see where Uranium had been mined and heard a little bit of history of Cardiff (also known as the Geocaching Capital of Canada).